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Know why RGUHS takes so long to declare results.

August 26, 2019 · 5 min read · 843 words

To put it simple, it's complicated! To understand why it’s complicated for RGUHS to formulate a course-wise (MBBS - 1st to final year, BDS - 1st to final year & other courses) result announcement dates just like your university exams, one needs to understand that there are multiple variables involved which are difficult (though not impossible) to systematize, to have result declaration on time.

One may ask, from past three years, RGUHS was declaring results more or less on time and then why all of a sudden this year (esp. June 2019 exams) there is so much suspense-filled with uncertainty for declaring the results?

Well! since Oct 2015 (a year when the university kick-started the digital valuation), RGUHS has gone through a series of service providers who tried to meet the set criteria in their attempt to standardize the digital evaluation as per RGUHS's satisfaction.

The following is the list of the past and present service providers who provided service of digital valuation to RGUHS:

M/s Merittrac was the inaugural service provider who did the majority of groundwork to lay down the required framework for the digital valuation. RGUHS went on with their services for about a year and then terminated their contract for some 'unknown' or technical reasons. (Possibly due to an issue with scanning coloured images of answer scripts.)

M/s Mindlogicx was next to be hired to carry out this arduous task of onscreen paper valuation. Since most of the groundwork was already done by the previous service provider, M/s Mindlogix was able to pick things fast and standardized the whole valuation process including rectification of the pitfalls faced by the M/s Merittrac. You may recall all our result announcements started becoming smooth from Dec 2016 exams onward. Thanks to M/s Mindlogix for the same. We have even seen days (July 2018) wherein university declared results in record 30 min soon after the last college viva marks were uploaded.

Ouch! Now we miss those quick result climax days ;-).

Every story has a twist. This year (2019), M/s Mindlogix's three-year contract got over, and hence the university again underwent the entire standard operating procedure (see below) - a protocol followed by all the state and central Govt. bodies before hiring a service provider.

In a flow chart below, I have summarized the entire process in an over-simplified manner.

However, readers may find it interesting to know the definition of few technical words to understand the flow chart (given below) better.

Tender: A written invitation sent to potential suppliers of a good or service to bid (see below) on the goods or services needed by the buyer.

Bidding is an offer (often competitive) to set a price by an individual or business for a product or service. (Source: Wikipedia).

Technical bid: A potential supplier is chosen after evaluating the competency of a bidder to meet the technical specifications as mentioned by the RGUHS in a bidding document.

Financial (commercial) bid: Those short-listed in the technical bid are invited to submit the competitive pricing for the digital valuation services. The bidder who quotes the least price will be chosen as a finalist and will be entering into an agreement to provide the valuation services for a pre-defined (usually 3 years) period.

Please note, this valuation tender was open to all, including the previous service providers (M/s Merittrac & M/s Mindlogix). For 'some' reasons, they may choose to opt-out or compete again.

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This entire procedure may take close to two months. After the end of the contract with M/s Mindlogix, RGUHS invited for the fresh tender (last week of May 2019), and the technical bid was opened on 31st July 2019. What! Yes, you read it right. By that time, you all were done with your both theory and practical exams and were rubbing hands with saliva dribbling mouth in anticipation of quick results (like your 2-minute maggie), the university was far from even scanning of your answer scripts.

M/s XYZ (not aware of name now, will update later) is chosen as the third service provider, and it seems this new firm is struggling with the entire process. There were/are many technical glitches which are either resolved or getting resolved while I am writing this answer.

So, why does RGUHS takes so long to declare results and why can't it come out with an official date like the dates of our exams?"

The making of the theory exams time table involves a pre-exam meeting among the concerned university officials and a designated faculty panel. This committee will decide upon the all the pre-exam duties like dates for the exam (time table), faculty selection for performing several pre-exam duties like observers, flying squads etc., and setting of the question papers etc. There is a well-oiled system (mostly immune by any impromptu external factors) in place which facilitates the timely declaration of your exam time table. The digital valuation, on the other hand, is bound by many official formalities, 3rd party involvement, along with many trial and error methods to standardize the entire process.

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