We are the GURUs who believe every student is a capable learner.

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Offline & Online MBBS Tuitions
for 1st MBBS (CBME-RS4 Curriculum)



Student mentoring & monitoring from 5:30 AM to 8:00 PM.


Mobile deaddiction through digital sanyas.


Moderated study hrs with studious ambience.



Daily test with answer script-based customized feedback.


RGUHS exam-oriented Question banks.


CBME (RS4) – Clinical & MCQ - based preparation.


Art of writing exams with easy study tips.



Experienced tutors equipped with smart technology for effortless learning.


Counselling & motivation to regain their lost self-esteem and confidence.


Special emphasis on difficult & most ignored but high yield exam topics.


Special emphasis on difficult & most ignored but high yield exam topics.


Doubt clearing sessions.



Regular insightful communication about academy exam performance.


Up to 95% success rate in university exams.

How do I Pass 1st MBBS Exams???

The decision you make today,
will prepare you for tomorrow's success.
Choose the right direction. Make an informed choice !

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Barrier Breakers!

They crossed their barriers which seems almost impossible
for them:


You didn't join MBBS
to PASS THE EXAMS but to become a DOCTOR!

Every medical student needs to pass their exams to become a Doctor.

But NOT every medico has the plan to overcome their academic limitations.

Multiple subjects, enormous syllabus to study, lack of planning, poor study methodology combined with the constant fear of failure in the upcoming exams is a sad story of every medical student.

It only takes ONE TRUE GURU
to change a student’s life.
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You Can’t Become A Good :




Or any type of professional...…



is that not all of the medicos lead disciplined academic lives, like Dr Henry Gray (author of Gray’s Anatomy textbook)...

Please Check All Of The Questions
Where Your Answer is YES!

I forced myself to attend poor-quality offline/online college lectures due to the Covid-19 lockdowns.

I find the syllabus to study is enormous, and often I experienced difficulty recalling the points during the exams.

I easily get distracted by my mobile phone while studying.

I am equally sad about losing my precious academic year due to my recent university exam failure and anxious about my ability to pass 1st-year MBBS exams within the stipulated number of attempts allowed by the university.

If you checked any of the boxes..

Option #1


Spend countless hours finding the right strategy to study, apply desperate shortcut methods to achieve quick results and HOPE you will pass the university exams...

Saves Money.

Zero academic feedback mechanism.

Negligible insight about do’s & don’ts while appearing for university exams.

Option #2

Repeat with college juniors

There is nothing more embarrassing than attending classes with juniors.

Listening same old boring lectures.

Losing the interest in academics.

Doing same things like last time & expecting different results.

Option #3

Anatomy Guru

This is where YOU literally become ‘THE DOCTOR’!

Gain from our perfect blend of rigorous conceptual teaching, mastering the art of writing exams, and crucial time management strategies.

Laying the strong foundation for your future academic years.

Earning the confidence to pass every university exams with flying colors.

The only academy which understands

All the other teaching institutions are mainly focussed on PORTION COMPLETION and there is no regular academic FEEDBACK MECHANISM!

Anatomy Guru is different!

We train medicos to be disciplined, punctual and consistent in all their doings, thereby helping them build their mental robustness and develop the skills and values necessary to succeed in their medical profession!

Follow these 4 Steps and transform an average medical student into a High Scoring University Pass-Out Graduate!


1. Be Punctual & Disciplined

Early to Bed & Early to Rise (5:30 AM to 8:00 PM)

Promoting and cultivating healthy study habits and punctuality.

Digital Sanyas

Surrendering of smartphones and watches during academy hours to instil phone de-addiction.

Disciplined Ambience

Punctuality in classes and tests. Strictly monitored study hours under constant CCTV surveillance.

Moderated Study Hour

Strictly monitored study hours to avoid distractions and to inculcate self-controlled academic behaviour.

Digital Administration

Biometric attendance and test performance updates by regular SMSs and emails.


2. Attend our conceptual classes daily

Experienced Subject specialists

Interactive lectures by our accomplished Subject Specialists to promote conceptual and clinical- based learning.

Smart Technology for Effortless Learning

• Latest app-based 3D dissection.
• Animation videos.
• Real human skeletons and individual bone sets.
• Bone magnifying cameras to study Osteology.
• Personal tutor and student microscopes.

Art of Writing

F.I.T. Principle to inculcate accurate study methodology and develop ‘sellable’ exam presentation skills to maximize
final exams scores
• F:Flow charts (for free flow of thoughts)
• I:Illustrations (diagrams for better understanding)
• T:Tables (to compare and contrast two similar and confusing answers)

Doubt Clearing Sessions

By experts as and when requested.

Counselling and Motivation

Constant stress management guidance, an regular encouragement to overcome demotivation/dejection due to academic failure and to help students to regain their lost, self-esteem and confidence.


3. Write Exams regularly

Anatomy Guru Question Bank

Tailor-made exam-oriented topic wise/subject wise Q Bank with ‘Must Know’ and ‘Desirable to Know’ questions to enhance the student’s success rate in university exams.

Regular Tests

To assess the student’s conceptual understanding and level of preparedness for the final exams.

Answer script ‘evaluation-based feedback’ System

Regular quantitative and qualitative feedback after each test to make the student aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

Digital Answer Scripts

Sharing of students’ scanned copies of evaluated answer scripts and topper’s answer scripts for an insightful comparison-based reference learning.

Repeat Exam Cycle

Topic-wise repeat exams & mock exams to build student’s confidence to face university exams.


4. Pass university exams


To value every min &
develop strong time sense.

Disciplined Personality

With well-trained & well-organized lifestyle.

Robust Subject Basics

Strong foundation for future academic years.

University Results

Develops confidence to pass every university exams with flying colours.

Successful Doctor

Laced with the required expertise to:
- crack NEET PG entrance exams &
- excel in clinical practice.

Nothing left Undissected!!!
Pioneers of MBBS and BDS Tuitions.

Delivering 95%+ exam success rate for more than 19+ years with many distinction holders.

Admission Open!
Offline & Online MBBS Tuitions for 1st MBBS (CBME-RS4 Curriculum)


Duration: Long Term (till 10 days before University exams)


Course mode: Offline & Online


Timings: Daily from 5:30 AM to 8:00 PM


Classes: Monday to Saturday


Exams: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday


Subject covered: Anatomy, Physiology & Biochemistry

The Clock is Ticking

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Daily Schedule for 1st MBBS
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Frequently Asked Questions:


Do you provide hostel facility?

No. Currently, we do not have our own hostel cum accommodation facility. However, plenty of options are available in nearby Location.


What is the difference between online & offline courses?

In online course, classes & exams are conducted in real-time as offline course schedule. However, changes in study habits, procrastination issues, discipline and other qualities required to ensure for the desired change in the academic personality of a student will still remain out of our bound. Parents/guardians need to moderate and monitor the student’s academic schedule at their homes.

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