Surface anatomy of the abdomen Anatomy of anterior abdominal wall - dissection
Anterior Wall & Inguinal Canal - Abdomen Anatomy - Dalhousie Testis: dissection
Anatomy of the inguinal region, simplified Inguinal region: dissection of a female body
Peritoneum - dissection Peritoneum & Abdominal Viscera - Abdomen Anatomy - Dalhou
Peritoneal folds of anterior abdominal wall Tracing the peritoneum in sections - simplified
Blood Supply - Abdomen Anatomy - Dalhousie University Nerve Supply - Abdomen Anatomy - Dalhousie University
Dissection of the liver Gross anatomy of the liver
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy - surgical anatomy Portal-systemic anastomosis
Anatomical relations of the spleen Anatomy of the small intestine – dissection
Differences between jejunum and ileum Anatomy of the large intestine - dissection
Position of the appendix Applied anatomy of appendectomy
Gross anatomy of upper abdominal viscera OSPE in Anatomy of Gastrointestinal and Renal Systems
Kidney and posterior abdominal wall - dissection Morphology of the adrenal gland - presentation
OSPE in Anatomy of Endocrine and Reproductive Systems Trunk wall - Gross anatomy

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