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"Suresh sir was infact the first anatomy lecturer who teach me in my I BDS partition. All I can say is He's a talented, hardworking and inspiring lecturer. He makes the subject understandable and easy to be remembered, all by his unique way of teaching. :) taking his responsibility seriously and commited to it as well as a really organized lecturer. will answer any types of question and friendly! all in all. anatomy can be conquered with the help of SIR and attitude. :D"

"Hi, i'm a CMC a student, sir used to teach us the best anatomy lectures.. He used videos and demonstrated with models to help us understand even better.. After he left our college we had our annual exams and all of our results showed distinction marks. We thank sir for all the efforts he did for our learning. We will surely become great professionals. All Thanks to Sir"

"I am a student from basic science background and as such i don't know much about Anatomy. When i joined NIMHANS and started out in neuroscience field, the very first thing come is the basic of anatomy. Anatomy is i feel quite intricate, so many names and intertwined so many things but he makes it simple and easy to understand in his teaching. He has a strong knowledge but knows what to deliver to make listeners complete the sentence of anatomy. He's a great teacher and a friend who has a sense of humor - that's you will realized when you come to know him. I would strongly suggest anybody having trouble learning anatomy in particular and medical science in general to do get in touch with him. I am very much fortunate to have attended his lectures though very brief as our batch have to move on to posting in Animal Care. I wish we'd more time for his lectures."

"I am lucky to be one of Suresh Parmar Sir's student in Vinayaka Mission Kirupananda Variyar Medical College and Hospital, Salem. As some of us might think anatomy is a boring subject where memorizing plays the important key of learning but Sir has his own method to make the facts of anatomy interesting and easier to understand and then remember which will last long in our memory if compared to the mugging up method without understanding. He has the patience and dedication to go the extra mile for his student. In addition, he is always there to teach or guide or clarify any questions no matter how many times he had to repeat or change the method of explaination in different ways til his students understand the topic thoroughly. Although he had only thought me for a shoet period of time, he is indeed one of the best and dedicated lecturers I have met in this institute."

"Suresh sir taught us anatomy in our 1yr of mbbs... I must realy say when we were all nervous n tensed about dissection sir made it so easy and to learn.. His teaching made anatomy look so simple..he was very patient ao answer all our silly doubts.. Wat I learnt from sir was really helpful for both theory n practical exams...and yes I got a distinction in anatomy... Undoubtedly sir one of the best tutors:-)"

"Mr. Suresh Parmar took anatomy for my class in firstt year B.D.S. I personally feel he was best lecturer who thought me anatomy. I realy found anatomy interesting because the way he thought us like showing the real cadavar and explain in details about each and evrythng. He also good in corelating the topics and help us to remember it in a better way..the technique he use to make us memorize the anatomy facts was realy good. Each and evry lessons he will co relate it and make us understand even better.It was a good thought from u sir because till now i follow his method of studying n learning which i found personaly intersting. GUd luck to u sir and for the tuition. "

""Hi..Dr.Suresh taught me Anatomy in my first year of BDS. Believe it or not, Anatomy has always been a difficult subject for me, but that changed the second I stepped foot in his class. The way he taught came with such ease and it made me want to keep listening to his teaching. He did such a great and thorough job explaining his lesson plans it made everything instantly click for me. Dr.Suresh was a phenomenal teacher and for that, and in fact he had a positive impact on me. It’s not very often, if ever, that I come across dedicated teachers like him anymore. To be honest, words can’t express how much I respect him for his everyday kind hearted attitude towards us students. I can’t imagine how difficult it can be dealing with certain students and whatnot, but he always stayed poised and respectful to each and everyone of us. He always taught with a passion and always made sure we understood what was going on. Thank you Dr.Suresh for ur outstanding teaching skills and because of you i got distinction for my Anotomy subject. You are always the best... =)"

"i still remember the anatomy classes taken by suresh sir when he was a pg student in our clge.he was so frendly with us wich made us to interact with him n ask him doubts regardng the subject.anatomy is a gud n intrestng but its too hard when we wont understand it ,n just go out off brain when we mug it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but the way suresh sir explained us the most cnfusng things on the cadever made us to remember it foreever!!!!!!!!!!!thank u sir.u wr expert in understndng the subject 4 urself n also in explaing it to students like me,wn u were student!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i knw u might have gained a lots of experience now!!!!!!!!!!!!!1thank u sir n all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

" Sir is very friendly and has a superior knowledge on the subject. I loved coming to his class because I knew I was going to learn from a professor that appears to love what he is teaching and who knows what he is talking about. I learned something new each day of class with pictorial presentations, and I would recommend this class to anyone. I gained a large amount of knowledge on anatomy; sir appeared well-knowledgeable of the content. He’s a great professor.""

"sir taught me anat in mi 1st yr bds. he taught us so well especially the brain part........ that made us to learn the subject so easily..... he is a vry gud teacher and encouraged us in our academics........... "

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