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"I know suresh as a M.Phil student in NIMHANS. I joined as a senior research fellow in NIMHANS. Suresh taught me the concepts in anatomy. As a genetics student i didnt know about these things before. He made me to understand the anatomy subject in a better way. Even he made me to get interested in the field. Now i have registered for a PhD in neurophysiology. He is a very good teacher,who makes the listener to be attentive in his class. He makes sure that whatever he teaches, remains in the students mind. He is a very good teacher. "

"He is excellent, understandable and makes lectures easy to learn and uses a lucid language for whatever he teaches. He is very friendly with the students. I recommend this anatomist to all who want to learn anatomy in the better way....."

"suresh is one of the best teacher i have ever come across. He tought me anatomy and is fairly responsible for me getting through flying colours..He is an ideal teacher.He shares a wonderful rapport with students. His ability to connect with his students and his talent at teaching simple concepts are truly superior. He is thoughtful, reflective, and committed to life-long learning and continued development as an those who are planning to take tutions from him do not think just grab the opportunity..."

"Sir was my anatomy lecturer in my first year. The way he taught us anatomy was so powerful that even today, it is still my favorite subject. His techniques are very innovative and have truly achieved the best results from all his students in my batch. His tips for remembering tricky parts of anat, are very useful and you can literally hear his voice telling you the anatomy when you have to apply it in your profession/course etc. It was a wonderful experience to learn under him and whoever gets a chance to learn from him should make the best of the opportunity."

"" I am more than honored to recommend Mr. Suresh Parmar to all the students and parents. Anatomy subject was no less than a strong ‘sleeping pill’ to me until I heard from fellow friends of mine who told me how enjoyable his anatomy classes were, but I never had the chance to be in his class until recently. It was then that I found out how great a teacher he really is and how a dead subject like Anatomy can become most interesting and lively thing of your life. What I most admire about Mr.Parmar is his caring and concern attitude. His flexibility and availability are tremendous as he answers all his student’s study related phone calls/sms/e-mails instantly. His lectures are highly organized, and the level of attention he gives to his students is unsurpassed. He is a perfect blend of strictness and kindness. He is capable of recognizing a student's potential as well as weaknesses, apart from being very dedicated and sincere. It is tough to mention all of his amazing qualities here and the ones mentioned above only scratch the surface. In my opinion, he deserves the “Best Anatomy Teacher” Award of ALL TIME. Trust me, all his students will agree to my last line." "

"helloooo everybody!!! i'm one f student of suresh sir, & i had a gr8 opportunity 2 hav him mie "TEACHER..." SIR'S way f teaching z xcellent, his 1st teaches d basics... which z must 2 go into d details f d subjects... SIR's explaination z soooo reasonable tat even a difficult & complex doubt in our mind will b sort out && lookk easier der aftr.. IF any1 gets a CHANCE 2 study under HIS GUIDANCE... I BET 4 SURE TAT U'L EXCEL IN D SUBJECT.... B'COZZ I'M ONE AMONG THEM!!! AS a student i suggest every1(students) 2 join his classes... & TASTE D SUCCESS!!:):) "A BEST STUDENT CUMS 4M D BEST TEACHER".... thankuu!!"

"As a friend & colleague i can assure anybody about the fact that nobody can doubt about his ability of teaching anatomy. He is one of best anatomist whom i met till now . "

"Dr Suresh parmar sir taught us anatomy in first year and i seriously got true thorough knowledge only bcoz f him especially in anatomy f brain part was very well taught by him n sirrr izzz a moving encyclopedia "

"I was a student of Dr.Suresh Parmar....he was my anatomy lecturer during my first year B.D.S course.....I did benefit a lot from his teaching and I started liking anatomy since then....apart from that, he is very kind enough to explain any doubts a student has regarding his/her lessons....i would say thet Dr. Suresh Parmar is a very dedicated lecturer towards his students ....thank you Sir for all the knowledge that you shared with us in our first year."

"I am a CMC student-- If u think anatomy is too hard for you to learn/ want any kind of help or tuitions in ur anatomy then I think u shud meet this professor.. One of the best professor/lecturer i hve cme across.. Mr.parmar took anatomy classes for abt one year who made anatomy an easier, simpler subject for me which was harder for me initially. Really miss those lectures & his impressive slogans, talks..Very passionate, dedicated truly towards his responsibilities & concerned very well abt his students.. "

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