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"He is the excellent anat teacher. He got this special nack of making subject very interesting and therby easy to understand. A very concept-oriented teaching. He is little expensive but i think he is BEST. "

"Sir taught me for nearly a year and there is one thing i can say for sure that he is the best teacher i hav got and he made my anat so good dat i still am geting its benefits..... so if you are thinking abt taking classes from him then i would say dont think about it just go ahead "

"I highly recommend Suresh Parmar as an excellent anatomy teacher. I am working with Parmar in my position as research scholar at Nimhans . Suresh has a wonderful rapport with present and past medical students. His ability to connect with his students and his talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. He has excellent conceptual drawing and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, reliable and computer literate. I recommend Suresh to all parents and students without reservation. If you have any further questions with regard to his background or qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me."

"Hi, Mr.Suresh Parmar took anatomy for me in the first semester of my BPT program. He is one of the best teachers i've come across. His teaching program is completely student-adaptive. He taps the maximum potential out of each and every student.He is one of d guys who is very passionate about what he does. I was so lucky and i'm proud to be his student..... :) Sir tu es grand!!!!!! "

"Mr. suresh parmar took few classes for me in my final year of occupational therapy. The lectures were amazing and there's no doubt that there's a better teacher in this arena!!... he's a person so amazingly passionate about his work and has a totally new and logical approach towards anatomy . his patterns and methods are unique and he knows how to sink in his subjects very well. i was really blessed to know u sir and wish that u be an awesome blessing to others . "

"Mr.Suresh was really a wonderful lecturer to us..He taught us anatomy when we were in our first year bds..He was really good..he make the subject so easy for us where v can understand the concepts and remember it easily..He is also a friendly lecturer..He is the an very well educated, very well organised and professional too."

"he is one of the most wonderful teachers ive known...esp for this subject...he has this amazing ability to make even the most boring of things in biology, neurochemistry etc full of life. I dont think anyone who has been taught by him, will be able to forget any of the classes or the topic taught. i got the highest marks and i owe it to him :) its not about the marks, but the fun that you have in learning with him. :)))"

"I know Suresh Parmar as an M.Phil Scholar in Neurophysiology at NIMHANS. Suresh is a very good instructor when it comes to explaining the basic concepts in Neuroanatomy. He has a very good knowledge of what he teaches, his lectures are very well planned and organized, and above all he knows how to teach! He simplifies what initially seem as complicated concepts, teaching us how we could remember and understand them, such that we are able to not only grasp the material but also teach it to others in the future, should the need arise. He doesn't get irritated or irked when the questions asked might seem too fundamental or silly. He is also a great colleague to work with, in and out of the lab and discussion rooms, and seems to be very knowledgeable and well-read - both in his area of expertise as well as in other areas as well. I wholeheartedly recommend Suresh and wish him the very best of luck for all of his future endeavors! "

"suresh sir took anatomy for me in the first year of my BPT. and sir guided me till the end of my course..He is one of the best professors I have or will ever come across, in all aspects of teaching and personality.What I most admire about sir is his remarkable ability to stimulate students and add personality to the course material. Students can feel the energy and optimism radiate from his teaching. His dynamic teaching style makes students listen attentively to him, instead of piling notes for later study. He is one of those rare professors that take the extra effort to make sure all students that need extra help are accommodated. "

"I know Mr. Suresh Parmar through a training program I joined in the Department of Neurophysiology, NIMHANS for 3 months. When I joined the department, I was totally clueless about anatomy. It was his teaching, in-and-out-of-a-classroom set-up, that helped me understand the larger questions research is trying to answer in Neuroanatomy. His style is simple, effective and precise. Classes begin with the basics and it is easy to follow. His classes have an element of interaction. Constant 'tests' to see the level of conceptual understanding is also part of his methods. I would recommend Mr. Suresh Parmar for anatomy tuitions. He doesn't do it just for monetary gains. He loves teaching and the zeal to learn reaches the student's mind. "

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