This cross-sectional anatomy website provides a complete and precise look into the anatomic structures seen in the cross-sectional plane.With the use of cadaver sections and  line diagram illustrations,the anatomy is displayed with great detail.

Read more: Atlas of Human Anatomy in Cross Section

Anatomy Atlases is an anatomy digital health sciences library.Anatomy Atlases addresses the continuum of anatomy education and may be of use primarily to three distinct populations.

Read more: Anatomy Atlases

AnatLine's Anatomica database is a Java based object-oriented database which uses an ObjectStore persistent engine.AnatLine data structure is based on anatomical and spatial relationships of gross anatomy components and physiological systems.

Read more: Anatomical Database

The Browser is a prototype anatomical atlas that allows users to visually navigate the body's anatomical structures.The browser uses surface rendered images of the thorax as a prototype visual search engine.The browser design uses the image content as a navigational index to guide the user through its anatomical tree.

Read more: Anatomical Browser

AnatLine is a prototype system consisting of an anatomical image database and an online browser.This prototype was developed by the Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications at the National Library of Medicine to provide a client/server Internet interface to access gross anatomy images of the human body.


OG-Anatomy is a simplified compilation of core gross anatomy designed for undergraduate medical students. It is also useful for dental, nursing, pharmacy, biomedical science, and postgraduate students specializing in surgical fields.

Read more: OG-Anatomy

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