Histology always appeared confusing and boring.2D images of slides and text books always challenged one’s imagination.But this site as the name suggests,is a collection of various 3D histology models.This website also includes some of the simple yet conceptual animated videos of models of tissue and cell structure.

Read more: 3D- Models of Tissue and Cell Structure

This site exclusively banks the Electron Microscope images. All topics of general & Systemic Histology are covered.

Read more: Tissue Ultrastructure

One of the best histology sites I have ever seen.It contains ppt(not downloadable)of both general and systemic histology topics.Images are the strength and uniqueness of this website.Electron Micrographs are also provided.Highly recommended.

Read more: Mammalian Histology Lectures

The website contains articles on almost every anatomy topic.Topics are written by field specialists.For easy navigation topics are arranged alphabetically.Though this material may not substitute conventional anatomy textbooks but it’s worth a try.

Read more: Medscape’s Anatomy Articles

Another wonderful site which is full of images.Various topics of the anatomy are covered under the headings-Normal Anatomy,Neuroanatomy,Histotechniques,Special stains,laboratory procedural manuals & Electron Microscopy.Best part this site comes with in-built quiz option.

Read more: Anatomy-Histology Tutorials

I must confess I have never seen such a beautiful website about human brain.It covers brain under gross anatomy,histology and radiology.Special section is dedicated to the Tracts.Much more to explore.Not less than a visual feast.Thanks to one of my dear friend who sent me this link.

Read more: The Human Brain

Another exemplary website which covers one of the toughest regions of the human anatomy-head and neck in a simplified yet effective way.The website covers Osteology,Landmarks & Craniovertebral Joints,Fascia,Triangles of the Neck & Their Contents,Pharynx & Pterygopalatine Fossa.My personal favorite is Fascia of the neck region.

Read more: Anatomy of the Head and Neck

Zygote Body is wonderful online 3D anatomical application where whole body can be virtually dissected layer by layer.Every bit of the structure is labeled and can be zoomed in and zoomed out.Amazing find.

Read more: Zygote Body

Rich source of histology images with short and cute description of the slides.

Read more: Histology Web Labs

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