Gross Anatomy lectures are not comprehensive!!!

    1. Read up before you got for dissections,and again after.
    2. Study once through
    3. Do your tutorials from memory,referring back as little as possible
    4. Don’t cheat yourself by just bringing Cunningham's to tutorial and reading from it
    5. Use the dissection,atlas,and museum specimens.
    6. When answering a question,follow a fixed format


      1. Notes are mostly enough 
      2. For each tissue,memorize its identifying features


      1. Takes up only one question in the final paper,and it’s easy to neglect since it doesn't have tutorials or practicals.Try not to do so,however,as it is a relatively easy subject. 
      2. Don’t go beyond what the lecturer covers-Langman's have much more than enough material.
      3. Embryology involves a time dimension as well,so picture the development of the organ as you study it. 
      4. Exact times are not required,however,knowing which period development takes place in is useful.

Exam tips

Essay and Short note questions

      1. Are usually general and concentrate on the main points/organs,as compared to biochem/physio which can ask smaller/more obscure points.
      2. Answers in point form are allowed (though continuous prose will gain you more marks)
      3. Even writing down the headings will give you marks

Spots questions

    1. Come in 2 parts-if you don’t know the 1st,the 2nd is automatically wrong. 
    2. Make sure you know how to identify the specimens (part 1), so you can make a theoretical statement about it (part 2)
    3. Memorize identifying features to help you.If you don’t know,just guess-no marks deducted for spots.-Be specific as possible (e.g, right or left)
    4. Try not to panic when the bell rings and you don’t know.Write something down and move on.

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