Many interesting careers require some college background in anatomy.It is vital for doctors,therapists and nurses to understand human anatomy.Since the human body is very complex,this can be a difficult subject to master.You can survive your anatomy class with determination and a few simple steps.



  1. Choose your friends wisely.The people in your study group will help you survive the class,include a few nerds and brainiacs to help you understand the complexity of anatomy.
  2. Attend every class.If you're seriously ill and have to miss a session,make sure you get copies of the notes from a reliable classmate and review them before the next class.
  3. Write thorough notes. Make sure you can read your own handwriting and include diagrams whenever you have the chance.
  4. Buy an anatomy coloring book to use for review. Work your way through the book,coloring all the different systems your class discusses.
  5. Review your chapters regularly.Spending 60 minutes/ week will help you understand and remember anatomy,ensuring your survival.
  6. Attend every dissection class.Whether or not you're a born scientist,get into the dissection hall every chance you get and look at the actual structures you're studying.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't cram for exams.The only way to survive your anatomy exams,is to make sure that you study systematically,covering all the areas that will be on your test.


Source: eHow

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