There are around eight thousand Anatomical Terms to learn in order to understand the Macroscopic and Microscopic structures that comprise the Human Body.This may seem a huge amount,but many ‘names’are used in everyday language such as ‘brain’,‘forearm’,‘ear’ etc.

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Branches of Subclavian

"VITamin C and D"

Many students see Anatomy as a difficult,time consuming and even boring subject; Anatomy Guru’s main aim is to change this way of thinking and to enlighten the Anatomy student in the ways of making this subject quick and easy!

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Gross Anatomy lectures are not comprehensive!!!

    1. Read up before you got for dissections,and again after.
    2. Study once through
    3. Do your tutorials from memory,referring back as little as possible

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Histology is no rocket science. It basically deals with the appearance of a particular tissue under the microscope. In most medical schools in the country histology teaching requires a magnification of about 100 times (known as 10X magnification).  In this chapter we will deal with the various aspects and approaches to slide identification.

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Everything said and done about what to do in the first years MBBS,let me start this list of things of things not to do in your first year MBBS.

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Many interesting careers require some college background in anatomy.It is vital for doctors,therapists and nurses to understand human anatomy.Since the human body is very complex,this can be a difficult subject to master.You can survive your anatomy class with determination and a few simple steps.

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Step 1

Form a study group so you can practice together. It will help to have someone else quiz you, prompt you and motivate you. If you're on a tight time frame, you can even divide the work up, so that someone focuses on the upper body and someone else takes the lower body, for instance.

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