Alphabetical list

For clarity,entries are listed by the name of the person associated with them,so Loop of Henle is listed under H not L.



  • Achilles tendon-Achilles,Greek mythological character
  • Adam's apple-Adam,Biblical character
  • Alcock's canal (pudendal canal)-Benjamin Alcock (1801–1859?),Irish anatomist
  • Artery of Adamkiewicz-Albert Wojciech Adamkiewicz (1850–1921),Polish pathologist


Bachmann's bundle-Jean George Bachmann (1877–1959),German-American physiologist

  • Bartholin's gland-Caspar Bartholin the Younger (1655–1738),Danish anatomist
  • Batson's plexus-Oscar Vivian Batson (1894–1979),American anatomist
  • Long thoracic nerve of Bell-Sir Charles Bell (1774–1842),Scottish surgeon-anatomist
  • Duct of Bellini-Lorenzo Bellini (1643–1704), Italian anatomist
  • Renal columns of Bertin-Exupere Joseph Bertin (1712–1781),French anatomist
  • Betz cells-Vladimir Alekseyevich Betz (1834–1894),Ukrainian histologist
  • Billroth's cords-Theodor Billroth (1829–1894),Austrian surgeon
  • Bowman's capsule and Bowman's membrane-Sir William Bowman (1816–1892),English surgeon-anatomist
  • Broca's area-Paul Broca (1824–1880),French surgeon-anatomist
  • Brodmann's areas-Korbinian Brodmann(1868–1918),German neurologist
  • Brunner's glands-Johann Conrad Brunner(1653–1727),Swiss anatomist
  • Buck's fascia-Gurdon Buck(1807–1877),American surgeon


Cajal cell-Santiago Ramón y Cajal (1852–1934),Spanish pathologist

  • Cajal–Retzius cell-Santiago Ramón y Cajal and Gustaf Retzius (1842–1919), Swiss histologist
  • Calot's triangle-Jean-François Calot(1861–1944),French surgeon
  • Chassaignac tubercle-Charles Marie Édouard Chassaignac(1804–1879),French physician
  • Circle of Willis-arterial circle in base of brain-Dr.Thomas Willis(1621–1675),English physician
  • Clara cell-Max Clara (1899–1966),German anatomist
  • Colles' fascia-Abraham Colles(1773–1843),Irish surgeon
  • Cooper's fascia-Astley Cooper (1768–1841),English surgeon
  • Cooper's iliopectineal ligament-Astley Cooper
  • Cooper's suspensory ligaments-Astley Cooper
  • Organ of Corti-Alfonso Corti (1822–1876),Italian microanatomist
  • Cowper's glands-William Cowper (1666–1709),English surgeon-anatomist
  • Cuvier ducts-Georges Cuvier (1769–1832),French Naturalist and comparative anatomist


Darwin's tubercle-Charles Darwin (1809–1882),British Naturalist

  • Denonvilliers'fascia-Charles-Pierre Denonvilliers(1808–1872),French surgeon
  • Descemet's membrane-Jean Descemet(1732–1810),French physician
  • Space of Disse-Joseph Disse(1852–1912),German histologist
  • Pouch of Douglas-James Douglas(1675–1742),Scottish anatomist
  • Dua's layer-Harminder Dua(1967 – )British-Indian ophthalmologist


Von Ebner's glands – Victor von Ebner(1842–1925),German histologist

  • Edinger–Westphal nucleus-Ludwig Edinger(1855–1918),German neuroanatomist,and Karl Friedrich Otto Westphal(1833–1890),German neurologist
  • Eustachian tube-Bartolomeo Eustachi(1500/1514/1520–1574),Italian anatomist


Fallopian tube – Gabriele Falloppio (1523–1562), Italian anatomist


Gallaudet's fascia-Bryan Baron Gallaudet (1853–1942),American anatomist

  • Gartner's duct-Hermann Treschow Gartner (1785–1827),Danish surgeon-anatomist
  • Gerdy's Fibers-Pierre Nicolas Gerdy (1797–1856),French physician
  • Gerota Capsule-Dumitru Gerota (1867–1939),Romanian urology surgeon-anatomist
  • Glisson's capsule-Francis Glisson (1599?–1677),English anatomist
  • Golgi apparatus and Golgi receptor-Camillo Golgi (1843–1926),Italian pathologist
  • Graafian follicle-Regnier de Graaf (1641–1673),Dutch anatomist
  • Gräfenberg spot (G-spot)-Ernst Gräfenberg (1881–1957),German-American gynecologist
  • Great vein of Galen and the other veins of Galen – Galen (129 AD-200 / 216 AD), an ancient Greek physician


Hasner's Fold-Joseph Hasner (1819–1892),Austrian ophthalmologist

  • Haversian canal-Clopton Havers (1657–1702),English physician
  • Spiral valves of Heister-Lorenz Heister (1683–1758),German surgeon-anatomist
  • Loop of Henle- F. G. J. Henle (1809–1885),German pathologist
  • Canals of Hering-Karl Ewald Konstantin Hering (1834–1918), German physiologist
  • Hering's nerve-Heinrich Ewald Hering (1866–1948),Austrian physician
  • Herring bodies-Percy Theodore Herring (1872–1967),English physiologist
  • Heschl's gyri- Richard L.Heschl (1824–1881),Austrian anatomist
  • Hesselbach's triangle-Franz Kaspar Hesselbach(1759–1816),German surgeon-anatomist
  • Antrum of Highmore-Nathaniel Highmore (1613–1685),English surgeon-anatomist
  • Bundle of His-Wilhelm His,Jr.(1863–1934),Swiss cardiologist
  • Houston's muscle (Bulbocavernous Penile Fibers)-John Houston (1802–1845),Irish anatomist
  • Houston's valves-John Houston,Irish anatomist
  • Canal of Huguier-Pierre Charles Huguier(1804–1878),French surgeon-gynecologist
  • Hurthle cell-Karl Hürthle (1860–1945),German histologist


Kerckring's valves-Theodor Kerckring(1638–1693),Dutch anatomist

  • Kernohan notch-James Watson Kernohan (1896–1981),Irish-American pathologist
  • Kiesselbach's plexus-Wilhelm Kiesselbach
  • Pores of Kohn-Hans Kohn
  • Krause's end-bulbs-Wilhelm Krause
  • Kupffer cells-Karl Wilhelm von Kupffer


Langer's lines-Karl Langer

  • Islets of Langerhans and Langerhans cell-Paul Langerhans
  • Langhans giant cell-Theodor Langhans
  • Lauth's canal-Thomas Lauth
  • Leydig Cells-Franz Leydig
  • Crypts of Lieberkühn-Johann Nathanael Lieberkühn
  • Lissauer's tract-Heinrich Lissauer
  • Urethral glands of Littré-Alexis Littré
  • Lockwood's ligament-Charles Barrett Lockwood
  • Angle of Louis-Antoine Louis
  • Lovibond's angle
  • Lund's node
  • Crypts of Luschka,Ducts of Luschka,Foramina of Luschka,and Luschka's joints-Hubert von Luschka


Macewen's triangle-Sir William Macewen

  • Foramen of Magendie-François Magendie
  • McBurney's point-Charles McBurney
  • Malpighian corpuscle-Marcello Malpighi,the name given to both renal corpuscle and splenic lymphoid nodules
  • Meckel's cartilage and Meckel's diverticulum-Johann Friedrich Meckel
  • Meibomian glands-Heinrich Meibom
  • Meissner's corpuscle and Meissner's plexus-Georg Meissner
  • Merkel cell-Friedrich Sigmund Merkel
  • Meyer's loop
  • Möll's gland and Space of Möll-Jacob A.Möll
  • Foramina of Monro[disambiguation needed]-Alexander Monro
  • Glands of Montgomery-William Fetherstone Montgomery
  • Hydatids of Morgagni,and Lacunae of Morgagni-Giovanni Battista Morgagni
  • Morison's pouch-James Rutherford Morison
  • Müllerian ducts-Johannes Peter Müller


Nissl bodies or granules and Nissl substance – Franz Nissl (all terms now rarely used)


  • Sphincter of Oddi-Ruggero Oddi


  • Pacinian corpuscles-Filippo Pacini
  • Paneth cells-Joseph Paneth
  • Papez circuit-James Papez
  • Peyer's patches-Johann Conrad Peyer
  • Poupart's ligament-François Poupart
  • Prussak's space-Alexander Prussak
  • Purkinje cells-Jan E.Purkinje
  • Pimenta's Point


  • Node of Ranvier-Louis-Antoine Ranvier
  • Rathke's pouch-Martin Heinrich Rathke
  • Reichert cartilage-Karl Bogislaus Reichert
  • Renshaw cells
  • Space of Retzius and Veins of Retzius-Anders Retzius
  • Riedel's lobe-Bernhard Moritz Carl Ludwig Riedel
  • Rokitansky–Aschoff sinuses-Carl Freiherr von Rokitansky and Ludwig Aschoff
  • Rolandic fissure and fissure of Rolando-Luigi Rolando
  • Rotter's lymph nodes-Josef Rotter
  • Ruffini's corpuscles-Angelo Ruffini


Duct of Santorini-Giovanni Domenico Santorini

  • Canal of Schlemm-Friedrich Schlemm
  • Sertoli cell-Enrico Sertoli
  • Sharpey's fibres-William Sharpey
  • Shrapnell's membrane-Henry Jones Shrapnell
  • Skene's gland-Alexander Skene
  • Spigelian fascia-Adriaan van den Spiegel
  • Stensen's duct-Niels Stensen
  • Struthers' ligament-Sir John Struthers
  • Sylvian aqueduct-Franciscus Sylvius


  • Thorel's pathway-Carl Thorel (1859–1938)
  • White lines of Toldt-Carl Toldt
  • Torcular herophili-Herophilus
  • Traube's space-Ludwig Traube
  • Ligament of Trietz-Václav Treitz


  • Sinus of Valsalva-Antonio Maria Valsalva
  • Ampulla of Vater-Abraham Vater
  • Virchow–Robin spaces-Rudolf Virchow and Charles-Philippe Robin
  • Virchow's node-Rudolf Virchow


  • Waldeyer's tonsillar ring-Heinrich Wilhelm Gottfried von Waldeyer-Hartz
  • Weibel–Palade body-Ewald R. Weibel and George Emil Palade
  • Wenckebach's bundle-Karel Frederik Wenckebach
  • Wernicke's area-Karl Wernicke
  • Wharton's duct and Wharton's jelly-Thomas Wharton
  • Circle of Willis-Thomas Willis
  • Foramen of Winslow-Jean-Jacques Bénigne Winslow
  • Duct of Wirsung-Johann Georg Wirsung
  • Wolffian duct-Kaspar Friedrich Wolff
  • Wormian bones-Ole Worm


  • Zonule of Zinn-Johann Gottfried Zinn


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