Anatomy Guru’s Courses for Regular Medico/Dental students

Anatomy Guru’s regular courses aim to provide intensive coaching for both first and second year MBBS/BDS strictly following the curricula guidelines laid by the MCI/DCI.

2nd Year MBBS/BDS Courses:

Anatomy Guru’s Louis Pasteur Programme

  • Louis Pasteur Programme (For MBBS 2nd year)
  • Louis Pasteur Programme (For BDS 2nd year)

Louis Pasteur Programme (For MBBS 2nd year) Includes:

  • Pathology
  • Microbiology
  • Pharmacology


The goal of teaching pathology is to provide undergraduate students comprehensive knowledge of the causes and mechanisms of disease, in order to enable them to achieve complete understanding of the natural history and clinical manifestations of the disease.


General Microbiology Parasitology General Mycology
Immunology General Virology Systemic Mycology
Systemic Bacteriology Systemic Virology Applied Clinical Microbiology

The broad goal of teaching pharmacology to undergraduate students is to inculcate in them a rational and scientific basis of therapeutics.


General Pharmacology Drugs Affecting Gastrointestinal Function
Drugs Acting at Synaptic and Neuro Effector Junction Chemotherapy
Ocular Pharmacology Dermatological Pharmacology
Drugs Acting on Central Nervous System Drugs Used for Immunomodulation
Autacoids Endocrine Pharmacology
Diuretics and other Agents Affecting Renal Conservation of  Water Enzymes in Therapy
Drugs Acting on Cardiovascular System Including Blood Vitamins
Drugs Acting on Respiratory System Toxicology
Therapeutic Gases  

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Louis Pasteur Programme (For BDS 2nd year)


  • General and Oral Pathology 
  • General and Oral Microbiology 
  • General and Dental Pharmacology and Therapeutics

General and Oral Pathology
At the end of the course the student should be competent to:
Apply the scientific study of disease processes, which result in morphological and functional alterations in cells, tissues and organs to the study of pathology and the practice of dentistry.


  1. General Pathology 
  2. Systemic Pathology relevant to practice of dentistry

General and Oral Microbiology
To introduce the students to the exciting world of microbes. To make the students aware of various branches of microbiology, importance, significance and contribution of each branch to mankind and other fields of medicine.


  1. General Microbiology 
  2. Immunology
  3. Systemic Bacteriology
  4. Parasitology 
  5. Virology 
  6. Mycology

General and Dental Pharmacology and Therapeutics
The broad goal of teaching under graduate students in pharmacology is to inculcate rational and scientific basis of therapeutics keeping in view of dental curriculum and Profession.


  1. General Pharmacology
  2. Dental Pharmacology

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