Anatomy Guru’s Foundation courses aim to provide comprehensive overviews of subjects. Aspiring doctors will have a unique opportunity to build strong foundation in basic medical science subjects (Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry) with our experienced faculty. The curriculum can be designed according to the need and duration.

Anatomy Guru offers 2 types of Foundation Courses:

  1. Galen Foundation Course (For class 10 students)
  2. Herophilus Foundation Course (For PUC students)

The purpose of this course is to provide a firm foundation in Anatomy and Physiology in preparation for advance attendance of the full professional training in Medicine, Dentistry & other Para medical courses.

This course consists of seven weekends from May to July every year, with a substantial amount of course work in between. Successful completion of the final exam not only makes the aspiring doctor- student confident but also prepares them psychologically in advance, to face the challenges of medical or dental courses which they may pursue after their 12th standard.

The course is presented in a lively, stimulating, and inspiring manner, with an emphasis on practical understanding of the human body in holistic terms, rather than mere theoretical learning.


The objectives of this course are to provide a clear and thorough theory with practical working knowledge of the Anatomy and Physiology of all the major systems within the human body, together with an understanding of basic disease processes both from an orthodox and holistic perspective.

Course Content:

The course will cover the Anatomy, Physiology and common disease understanding of all the major systems within the body.

Topics to be covered:

Anatomy Terminology The Cardio-Vascular System
Cell Structure and Cell Physiology The Lymphatic System
Histology - Tissue Types The Respiratory System
The Skeletal System The Gastro-Intestinal System
Arthrology - the study of joints The Endocrine System
The Muscular System The Urinary System
The Nervous System The Reproductive System

Course Notes:

Comprehensive course notes will be provided.


A booklist will be provided, and specific references to required and recommended text books are designed to assist you in your studies.


Regular study will be required.


Progress will be monitored through short written tests at each stage of the course. Final assessment will be based on these tests, together with two projects and the final exam.


There is an exam at the end of the course, successful completion of which is required in order to gain a certificate.

(Students who do not require a certificate or any form of validation may forgo the exam).

Course Structure:

The course consists of seven weekends spread over three months from May to July each year.

Visual aids including slides, videos, charts, skulls, skeleton and other anatomical models will be used to assist a clear visual and practical understanding of the material.


Extra tutorials are available by arrangement if required on request.


The exam will consist of a written and practical component.

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