This module was designed for the aspiring artists after Anatomy Guru received many inquiries from various budding artists especially from Bangalore. The only way to take artist’s figure drawings up to the next level is to understand anatomy. This programme will help the artists do just that. We will start with the bone structure and advance into muscle structure. Showing you with both detailed anatomical drawings as well as how to use anatomy in your memory drawings.

This programme is divided into 2 levels:

  1. Human Anatomy: Level 1 (Beginner to Intermediate)
  2. Human Anatomy: Level 2 (Intermediate to Advanced)

Human Anatomy: Level 1 (Beginner to Intermediate)

            Designed for both digital and traditional artists. Really understand proportion, the mass construction of our skeleton, muscle & flesh with an ideal anatomical road map.

Description: The Level 1 workshop is designed to be beneficial to both beginner and intermediate levels. By learning through the tactile process of traditional sculpting, participants will understand proportions and simple mass construction of forms, and then progressively refine those forms into more complicated anatomy. Working directly on our proprietary, medically accurate, skeleton armatures, you first learn the correct proportions, shapes of the skeleton and how to recreate them accurately. You are taught exact placement of muscles and most importantly understanding their surface form, function and characteristics 3-dimensionally.

Human Anatomy: Level 2* (Intermediate to Advanced)

            Designed for artists both traditional & digital, 2D & 3D artists, and a must for all concept / creature designers. You will not find a better academy than Anatomy Guru on learning human, and how to recreate them from your imagination, life and anatomical understanding.
Description: The Level 2 workshop is designed to recreate idealistic proportions of the human figure, weight distribution, blocking and refining skeletal & body masses from life & instruction, anatomy comparison between male & female. You will learn joint types, as well as exact origin / insertion, function and form, of the muscular system. Advanced students will receive an introduction to the superficial vascular system. This is an amazing opportunity to really take your knowledge of anatomy to the next level.

*Some prior Anatomy Experience or self-study is recommended as a pre-requisite.

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