Dr. Frank H. Netter MD

A celebrated surgeon and medical illustrator, born in 1906 in Manhattan, NY. He dreamed of becoming an artist, until he found his talent; Medicine. By utilizing his unusual skill set, this extraordinary man found a way to encompass both his passion and his life’s work into a legacy that to this day, inspires artists and aids students and Medical professionals alike.

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The THIEME Atlas of Anatomy is written by the three German anatomy professors Schünke,Schulte and Schumacher (original German title:Prometheus Lernatlas der Anatomie).To be precise,the atlas consists of three volumes that combined have more than 1300 pages showing entirely the human anatomy, including embryology and gross anatomy.

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Tip 1: Don’t trust only one information source

In addition to Google and Wikipedia use also databases and (often electronical) resources of libraries for finding subject information. Use specialized subject databases for searching for journal articles and conference papers.

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Anatomy on the Go is an app for iPhone and iPad released by Thieme Medical Publishers based on the flashcards,which have the same name.It features 367 illustrations from the popular THIEME Atlas of Anatomy showing the human anatomy from head to toe including the musculoskeletal system,internal organs and neuroanatomy. 

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Sobotta is a world-known classic among anatomy atlases which has already been translated into 14 different languages.It was first published by the German anatomist Johannes Sobotta in 1904.In 2011 Elsevier/Churchill Livingstone printed the 15th international edition edited by the anatomy professor Friedrich Paulsen from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany.

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